Seize Your Moment, Trolls: It’s Time to Pay Attention to Net Neutrality

I would have bet that John Oliver could make net neutrality interesting (the bit with OITNB and the mob shakedown might be my favorite part), but I was surprised that his monologue resulted in a temporary breakdown of the comment system over at the FCC by the internet commenting “monsters.”

And thank goodness for those monsters — they’re loud, annoying, and have more than enough time to watch CSPAN and read transcripts of FCC hearings on the open internet. They’re piggish, perhaps, but they are (sometimes, always when it comes to their internet connection) informed.

It’s possible to be informed and work in this business and still not really know the ins and outs of net neutrality because it sounds wonkier than it is.  But it’s not just some silly thing that might happen — it’s a big deal. So if you still haven’t given it any serious mind, it’s time to read up and then act, even it’s just informing civilians.

This card stack from Vox is a good place to start depending on your personality. It’s either just as dull as the hearings, or a quick outline. Save it for after your coffee.

This piece on Mashable is thorough and easy to read, as is this from Mathew Ingram. If you want to take action and publicly complain, here’s how.

Have you seen anything floating around that helped you wrap your head about the rules and their consequences? Share your best net neutrality reads with us in the comments or @10,000Words.