John Kelly’s Readers Are Annoyed, Too

After his recent column citing his pet peeves with local television news, John Kelly publishes some reader feedback about things that bug them.

Among them:

Reader #1: “We’ve noticed that WJLA has breaking news every single day — and it always manages to come up on the half hour. How nice for them. They’ve tamed the news cycle. . . .”

Reader #2: “It’s about those teasers at, say, 10:30 p.m. — ‘Jury renders verdict in the Frisbee trial; details at 11.’…Can’t they just say, ‘Frisbee guilty; details at 11’? . .”

Reader #3: “Mike Marceau of Silver Spring sent in a list of the rules he would implement immediately if he were ’emperor of the airwaves.’ Among them: the immediate banishment of all adjectives during news reports. When Mike hears something like, ‘A horrible car accident killed two people’ he thinks, ‘Of course it was horrible, if two people died. We can figure that out by ourselves. We don’t need an anchorperson to tell us.'”