Farewell John Fairchild, Farewell Countess

Memorial will take place Monday April 27 at the Church of the Ascension on Fifth Avenue.

CountessLouiseColumnLogoIt’s going be a grand old time later this month when the New York media world gathers to pay tribute to John Fairchild. The former chairman and editorial director of Fairchild Fashion Media passed away in February at the age of 87.

Right up until the end, Fairchild occasionally fired off a WWD column under the pseudonym Louise J. Esterhazy. Last summer, when warmer temperatures had taken hold after an equally brutal NYC winter, Fairchild delivered one of his most memorable such “Countess” dispatches.

Under the headline “The Countess Says Just One Word – Knees,” he rifled off a long list of ‘loves’ and ‘hates,’ leaving it up to the reader to decide which was which. Our favorites:

– Fashion editors and their entourages, as if they need Secret Service protection.

– Pushy PR’s. A pox on the land.

– Self-important windbag columnists. Just give me someone as funny as Art Buchwald or Russell Baker were.

– Women stumbling along in super-high heels as they brush back their hair.

– Tipping before you sit down at the table in a fancy restaurant. Pretentious.

Fairchild’s cheeky list reads as fresh today as it did a year ago. Let’s see any of you do that, if and when you hit the ripe old age of 87. RIP.
[Countess Louise column logo: Steve Stipelman/WWD]