Witness: 2010 John Edwards Statement Got a Hollywood Proofread

This is just bizarre. At the criminal trial of John Edwards today in Greensboro, North Carolina, his former speech writer Wendy Button testified that the politician ran his January 2010 admission of extramarital guilt through some surprising Tinseltown channels.

Per a report by WRAL-TV5, Button says the text of her boss’s eventual admission of fathering a child with Rielle Hunter was circulated as follows:

As the draft statement went through more than a dozen revisions, Button testified, Edwards sent copies to actor Sean Penn and actress Madeleine Stowe and to writer-director Paul Haggis… No reason was mentioned for circulating the draft.

It would seem that even in his darkest hour, Edwards was still working the Liberal side of Hollywood. We bet Fox News is going to have a field day with this info.

Edwards was indicted June 3, 2011 on six felony charges related to accusations that he used campaign money to try and cover up his affair with Hunter. The criminal trial began April 23.

[Photo of Haggis: s_bukley/Shutterstock.com]