Joe Zee’s $50 $51 of Fun

In today’s New York Post, just a few pages from columnist Cindy Adams‘s disturbing claim that U.S. currency is “backed by gold,” Elle creative director Joe Zee reveals how he would maximize fun in Gotham on a budget of $50. Alas, Zee’s “$50 of Fun” list did not make it onto the Post‘s website, so we reproduce it for you here:

  • Trim at neighborhood barbers: $12
  • Breakfast at Cafe Cluny: $8
  • The New York Times and the Post: $1.75
  • Bic pen to do the crossword: $.75
  • Metrocard: $2
  • In the Heights lottery ticket: $26.50
  • Total: $50.25

    OK, so the Post messes up the math (the above list actually adds up to $51), but if push came to shove on the $50 budget, we bet a pen (and a Post, for that matter) could be bummed off someone in line for In the Heights. However, an $8 breakfast at Cafe Cluny seems like a stretch, even for us who are sated by nothing but their “grapefruit brulee” ($5) and a spot of tea ($4).

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