Joe Scarborough Does Not Do ‘PX90’

There has never been any indication that MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough is a fan of the popular “P90X” workout program. But any possibility that he might be was removed this morning. He got the title of the program wrong three times over the course of a minute.

On Morning Joe, Scarborough and MSNBC Contributor Mike Barnicle picked up the conversation where they left off from last week: the Vice Presidential debate.

“I think [Vice President Joe Biden] was trying obviously to get under Congressman [Paul] Ryan‘s skin,” Barnicle said. “Which he didn’t succeed to do, really. He did make Congressman Ryan nervous a couple of times. I mean, [Ryan] basically went through 406 bottles of water debating the Vice President.”

Scarborough interjected in a mock tone. “Hold on one second, Mike, that’s very unfair,” he said. “If you do this PX90 stuff you’ve gotta hydrate.” It’s well-known that Ryan is a fan of the workout.

“That’s true, I apologize to Congressman Ryan,” Barnicle said, playing along.

“There are two rules with that: hydration and moisturizer,” Scarborough continued, “and if you don’t do those two things you can’t do px90. Of course you and I, Mike, we will never know about any sort of px90, whatever.”

Whatever, indeed. Scarborough went on to say “PX90” sounds like the name of a mountain bike.

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