Yet Another Freelance Classified Site…With Video!

Candidate search service launched recently, cheezhead reports, and has won the Tufts University Business Plan Competition, so it must be something big.

Let’s check it out.

Users create online profiles that make them attractive to companies looking for part-time, freelance, or contract services.

“Imagine an online job-classified website designed to enable self-expression and individualization,” the JobVid website says. “Anyone in need of a particular talent or service is able to access this database of profiles and efficiently find the right person with the right skills.”

The name comes from the idea that candidates are encouraged to post “personal statement videos, in which service providers introduce themselves and/or display essential job skills to prospective customers and clients,” writes cheezhead.

And this is different from Linkedin.. or craigslist… how?

JobVid has the answer.

“JobVid distinguishes itself from other online job-oriented classified websites…” (So far, so good) “…by utilizing less text so that users can navigate the site with ease.”