Jobs Of The Day: The Book Of Odds Is Not So Odd

odds roulette gambling chance
flickr: conorwithonen

Wacky, huh? The Book Of Odds has nothing to do with gambling; instead, the startup catalogs the probabilities of nearly everything: from asthma rates to how likely you are to be bullied or freeze to death. And they want an editor to join them.

As always, more than 800 jobs on our board, so have at and good luck!

Pearson has an open position: an English product specialist (sales/marketing).
AOL is seeking a senior news editor.
APICS is seeking a web content manager. needs an account executive.
Sterling Jewelers wants a director of public relations.
SourceMedia has an open position: an associate editor.
The Zimmerman Agency seeks a senior account manager (PR).
The Control Group is hiring a business writing/PR intern.
Forbes seeks a reporter.
The Sun, a nonprofit magazine in Chapel Hill, NC, wants a digital media director.
Barrington Interactive wants a marketing director.
Michigan State University is seeking a science writer (PR).
Garten Rothkopf seeks a research editor.
Flat World Knowledge Inc wants a marketing manager.
Levick Strategic Communications is seeking a social & digital media senior account executive.
Greenpeace is seeking a director of media relations.