Jobs Of The Day: Progressive Visionaries Sought At is hiring a communications director. You can work out of either New York or Washington, DC, and you’ll have an impact on the progressive organization’s campaigns leading into the 2012 elections. Political and/or adrenaline junkies preferred, we assume.

EAM Worldwide seeks a marketing manager. (Miami, FL)
C-SPAN is hiring a master control operator. (Washington, DC)
Grubhub has an open position: a social media manager. (Chicago, IL)
Summit Business Media is seeking a portal editor. (Hoboken, NJ)
Hachette Book Group has an open position: an associate copyeditor. (Boston, MA)
FXCM has an open position: a web designer. (New York, NY)
SNL Financial is seeking a copy editor. (Charlottesville, VA)
Shape magazine wants a beauty director. (New York, NY)
Parham Santana seeks an art director. (New York, NY)
Syracuse University is hiring a professor of magazine writing and editing. (Syracuse, NY)

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