Job Title Mashup: Columnist & ‘Marketing Pest’

The New Jersey Star-Ledger is asking its employees for marketing ideas.

That’s not a revolutionary idea. What’s a bit strange is that the paper has asked columnist Kathleen O’Brien to take on the duties of “marketing pest,” reports Joe Strupp at Media Matters.

O’Brien e-mailed staffers on Friday, saying in part:

“As you may have heard, a new duty has been added to my job description: “marketing pest.”
I’m to pester everyone to come up with ways we can signal our continued journalistic vitality and importance, then keep pestering to make sure we pull the trigger on those ideas.
I’d love to hear your thoughts on what we should be saying and how we should say it. Big ideas, little ideas, bring ’em on.”

Is this clever or too much of a chimera to work?

Photo: miss_millions