Job Ad Of The Day: ‘Marketing Survivor’

Global Marketing Partners needs to fill three positions, so what does the Agoura Hills, Ca.-based company do?

Hold a competition, of course.

According to this Craigslist ad, “Selected Contestants will be put into teams and given a series of projects to complete by the end of each day or two. At the end of each week, projects and personalities will be graded and one or more teams or contestants will be eliminated.” The grand prize is a job!

The bad:

  • Really? Another competition?
  • The “perfect candidate description” makes little to no sense: for example, job applicants must be “Zen Like – Your work is a gift to world produced from a state of ‘flow’.”
  • The contest will take up to a month, which is a lot of time to invest in job hunting with one company.

The good:
The company is paying applicants for their time. It could be worse, guys.