Job Ack Of The Day: There’s Cheap, Then There’s Army Cheap

From a generous tipster:

Paid Writing Opportunity

Earn $100 per encyclopedia entry

[Redacted] is working on compiling an encyclopedia on current war and peace topics and is looking for contributors. There is a list of 80 topics from which to choose and he can send you the list if you are

Each entry will be 3000 words and the audiences will be high school students and non-experts. Examples of subjects include: women in the military, the Draft, minorities in the military, the army and civilian society to name a few.

No detailed citations required but each entry must include a section on further reading.

Entries would be due Dec 1st, 2010

If interested contact [redacted] at [redacted]

Three cents a word? Probably sounds like manna from heaven for Wikipedia contributors, but we suspect Britannica pays far better. Writer’s Market says that rates for encyclopedia articles bottom out at 15 cents a word and can fetch as much as $2000 each. Just saying.

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