Joan Collins Is Well Into Her ‘Africa’ Years

At Monday's Friars Club event, the 81-year-old actress delivered several memorable zingers.

It may be an old Tinseltown saying, but we had never heard it before.

From Page Six reporter Mara Siegler’s coverage of 81-year-old actress Joan Collins’ induction into New York’s Friars Club:

“There is this old saying that goes around in Hollywood,” Collins quipped. “At 20, a woman is like America. She’s fresh and new and ready to be discovered. After 40, a woman is like Asia – she’s mysterious, exotic, inscrutable. After 50, a woman is like Australia – not easy to get to, but when you get there she is warm and welcoming. After 60, a woman is like Africa. Everyone knows where it is, but no one wants to go there.”

Ha ha. There is also this newer saying that goes around New York – it’s unwise to schedule an event directly opposite the annual Met Gala unless the goal is to deliberately fly under the radar. Intriguingly, Collins played a large part in laying the foundation for the kind of outrageous celebrity media imprinting that was being stamped on the Met red carpet Monday by the likes of Rihanna, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Kardashian.

Collins looks amazing for 81. Last year, she told You magazine that one of her key beauty secrets has been to assiduously apply sun block since her 20s and generally limit her exposure to UV rays.