Yahoo Travel Editor Shares Some Mile-High Writing Tips

Crappy WiFi? Perfect. Rude passenger on the right? A gift.

TheKnockoffCoverIn addition to being managing editor of Yahoo Travel, Jo Piazza is co-author with former Marie Claire fashion director Lucy Sykes of a novel set at Glossy, a Vogue-like monthly fashion magazine. The Knockoff is out this week.

Turns out Piazza wrote a lot of the book on planes, which makes perfect sense given her exotic and enviable beat. Today, she has shared a wonderful list of tips on how other fiction writers can follow in her space-impeded footsteps. Fellow aspiring novelists may never look at the seat pocket in front, or the passenger to the right, quite the same way again:

On one flight, I sat next to a vulgar drunkard, a middle manager in a thin suit and too-bright tie who had the beefy face of a high school athlete got soft. While he put his hand on my leg and slurred come-ons, I wrote a whole chapter about a terrible drunk. Inspiration really can be anywhere.

Another thing we love about Piazza’s piece. While there are seven tips in all, the headline rests far from any “7” listicle format.

P.S. The Sykes are a very talented writing family. Lucy’s sister Plum has written several novels herself, including the recently re-issued Bergdorf Blondes.
[Jacket cover courtesy: Doubleday]