JiWire, Row 44 Bringing Wi-Fi to the Friendly Skies

Wi-Fi is coming to air travel. JiWire, a company that operates a local-based Wi-Fi ad network, announced Tuesday (Oct. 6) it has partnered with Row 44 to deliver the world’s first ever in-flight, ad-supported Wi-Fi service. Currently being tested on select planes operated by Southwest Airlines and Alaska Airlines, the joint JiWire and Row 44 Wi-Fi service is slated to launch in November. Airline partners will be announced at a later date.

Research by the Wi-Fi Alliance found that 76 percent of business travelers would choose an airline based on Wi-Fi availability.

“By partnering with Row 44, we can offer advertisers an opportunity to engage a captive audience at the on-ramp to the Internet throughout the lifecycle of a traveler,” said Kevin McKenzie, founder and CEO of JiWire, which offers Wi-Fi advertising across more than 30,000 hotspots including airports and hotels.

Ad campaigns across the in-flight Wi-Fi service will be enabled within Row 44’s Skytown Center, a content and shopping virtual mall provided by each airline free to travelers.