Matt Damon Finally Turns the Tables on Jimmy Kimmel

For several years, it’s been the greatest running gag on late night talk TV: Jimmy Kimmel ending a show with the disclaimer, “Apologies to Matt Damon; we ran out of time.” Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the double-punchline to that bit was finally delivered by Damon. In spades.

With a duct-taped Jimmy in the background, Damon at one point during his commando-host appearance gleefully revealed that Kimmel is a bitter, jealous soul who has auditioned for every one of the actor’s film roles:

The second-best celebrity cameo in the above video is Greg Kinnear for Stuck on You. But the real winner comes at the end and involves the Bourne franchise. Other fun on the show last night included Sheryl Crow with the band, Sarah Silverman sitting down for an interview and some Siri-summoned monologue help. And much much more. Kudos also to Andy Garcia for the spot-on Guillermo impression.

Jay Leno, how do you like them apples?