Who Knew These New York Yankees Were Such Good Actors?

Certainly not Jimmy Fallon and certainly not us. But thanks to Wednesday’s great little Late Night drop-in, this pair of Yankees proved they can also when needed step up to be “Mr. August.”

During Fallon’s latest Audience Suggestion Box skit, Mark Teixeira (as Ivy’s mom, Meryl Streep) and CC Sabathia (as Ivy, Julianne Nicholson) donned wigs, confidently recited dialogue in front of some manufactured homestead backdrop and forever imprinted themselves into the August: Osage County catalog.

A few hours after this tour-de-pinstripes-force, Osage stars Streep and Julia Roberts were announced as Oscar nominees in Beverly Hills. Here’s hoping the pre-taped comedy skits on the March 2 ABC-TV broadcast are as entertaining as this bit. Even the omission of a key word of dialogue by Teixeira does absolutely nothing to strike out the momentum of the skit.

By way of comparison, though on-paper it might have sounded as Suggestion Box inspired, the voice of Gilbert Gottfried dropped by the Fallon gang last night into a scene from Her did not work nearly as well.