University of Montana Mints Another Collegiate Sportswriter of the Year

For the third year in a row, a student at the University of Montana—Missoula has been named one of the country’s top collegiate sportswriters by the Jim Murray Memorial Foundation. The organization is run by Linda McCoy-Murray, widow of the Pulitzer Prize winning LA Times columnist.

This year’s U of M honoree is Daniel Mediate (pictured), and with such a last name, it was perhaps preordained that the undergrad would gravitate to journalism. He got the call last week notifying him of the honor and $5,000 prize.

This fall, Mediate will become sports editor at the Montana Kaimin, a campus newspaper founded in 1898. The publication made national headlines in 2009 with a story that incurred the public wrath of University of Montana football coach Bobby Hauck.

Mediate is obviously going places. He has a section on his personal website called “Hire Me” and tells that of the 70 stories he wrote this past year, a personal favorite involved a Grizzlies team basketball player who lost his dad just before the high school championships.

The judging panel for this year’s Murray honors was made up of journalists from the LA Times, New York Times, USA Today, and