Jim Gaines’ New Project

FishbowlNY has learned exclusively that Jim Gaines, the editor-in-chief of interactive publication FLYP Media, is leaving to start a new interactive media company.

Gaines, the former managing editor at People, Time and Life magazines, and ex-corporate editor of Time Inc., has found a financial backer for a new company that he’s hoping to launch March 1. Called Story River Media, the company will work with government entities, non-profits, and corporations “to try to bring interactivity and multimedia to their online efforts,” Gaines told us.

One example Gaines can envision: working with the State Department to create multimedia curricula about the United States to export to foreign nations’ school systems. “A great multimedia curriculum, whether its on American history or on the American songbook, in all languages at once, would be easier to distribute everywhere all at once, with the added function of video, and audio and all the aspects of learning that interaction can bring,” he said. There are also endless uses for Story River’s technology for corporations (imagine interactive financial report meetings), public media and textbook publishers.

“We’re going to focus on how to combine media in a way that makes the experience fluent on behalf of one subject at a time,” Gaines said. “I’m trying to create a business model and company that allows us to stay at the leading edge of what is going on in technology. We’ll be on the leading edge of all the software and hardware until it becomes apparent what new products will be the most thrilling or magical in this new world.”

Heading towards the launch, Gaines is looking to staff up. He’ll be looking to hire videographers, multimedia producers, flash designers, and HTML programmers, among other roles, in the coming weeks. “There’s a lot of recruitment to do, particularly for the senior roles,” he told us. “I’m really looking for lead design people and I suspect we’ll start taking contracts March 1.”

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