Jill Barshay Leaving CQ

From an internal CQ email:

    I’m sorry to say that Jill Barshay is leaving CQ after more than five years here reporting on tax policy, lobbying, the relationship between the two, and many other subjects. Jill will be the New York bureau chief for American Public Media’s Marketplace radio show, which airs daily on public radio stations across the country.

    Jill came to the Weekly from the Wall Street Journal in October 2001 at which point she immediately jumped in to help us cover the reshuffling of government and its priorities after Sept. 11. The following year, Jill was one of the early participants in our integration of the daily, weekly and real-time news operations, covering the proposal and passage of the Bush tax cuts for the economics and finance domain. It is here where Jill’s training in economics and her background as a business reporter really paid off.

    After she became a writer dedicated to the Weekly, Jill continued to write about these topics and has produced some excellent, in-depth pieces such as her cover story on foreign companies’ lobbying in Washington and the piece she did last September on how U.S. tax policy has left the Treasury high and dry on drug company profits and has resulted those profits going overseas. In fact, this piece got the attention of other media, including (guess who) Marketplace, which interviewed Jill on the topic. The producers there later asked her to work with them on a radio documentary about Congress and lobbying. Obviously they saw her eye for a good story and her reporting abilities, too, and they decided to persuade her to
    become one of their employees. It is a big gain for Marketplace and a big loss for us, both personally and professionally.