Jesse Ventura on His Possible Run for President in 2016

Jesse-Ventura-ArticleWhen Jesse Ventura has something to say, you better believe he’s going to be heard. This Vietnam vet turned pro wrestler and former governor of Minnesota is currently the host of Ora TV’s Off the Grid, where he tackles everything from his disdain for the country’s two-party system to the problem with the mainstream media.

In our latest So What Do You Do article, we spoke to Ventura about why the major networks have “blackballed” him, his friendship with Andrew Napolitano and if he will, in fact, run for president in 2016:

You never say never. I don’t really have an intention of doing it, and if I did do it, I’d have to do it my way. And that would require an extreme grassroots movement. I would run under no party whatsoever. There is no Reform Party anymore; it doesn’t exist. I would run under no party on purpose and here’s why: that would be the essence of my entire campaign. I would challenge the American people to make history and elect the first president since George Washington who does not belong to a political party. Can you imagine that?

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