Jerusalem Post Reveals ‘50 Most Influential Jews’

Bloomberg is on the list, as is New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman.

50MostInfluentialJewsLogoAs always, it’s a thought-provoking list. Michael Bloomberg sits at #12, while exiting Daily Show host Jon Stewart is #18 (something he will surely comment on post-Memorial Day).

There is only one journalist – three-time Pulitzer winner Thomas Friedman. The Post has a sidebar interview with the New York Times columnist, which offers this intriguing assessment:

But probably his most notable work is a book that tackles one of the most tumultuous times in a tumultuous region, from a deeply personal perspective. From Beirut to Jerusalem (published in 1989) is as much an analysis of the problems of the Middle East – which sadly still ring true today – as an autobiography of Friedman’s coming of age as a journalist in a war zone.

While he jokes that any update to the book would consist of one page, one line: – “Nothing’s changed,” upon closer reflection, he says the shift in direction is actually tragic. The taming of the first intifada and the hope of Oslo – these instances gave people hope that there was a better future on the horizon. But with terrorism from the Palestinians and continued settlement building on the Israeli side, Friedman says that neither side can relax.

Jerusalem Post features editor Noa Amouyal came up with a list of 80 names, which she then sent out to columnist Gil Troy and four other outside experts to be voted on. The 2015 list will surely be a topic of discussion at the paper’s upcoming New York Conference on June 7.

Other Americans include Sheryl Sandberg (#38), Idina Menzel (#48) and Amy Shumer (#49). All told, there are 19 women on the 2015 list, five more than was the case last year.

P.S. The rest of the Friedman telephone Q&A is well worth reading, including his answer to the final question – Is there anyone you want to interview that you haven’t had the chance to yet?