Jerry Saltz Dismisses Carsten Höller Exhibition as ‘Arty Junk Food’ While New Museum Raises Ticket Prices to Meet Demand

Jerry Saltz may absolutely hate the New Museum‘s Carsten Höller exhibition, “Experience,” but he seems perhaps alone in a city that is clamoring to get in. Calling it “arty junk food” and writing that “nothing provides much in terms of form, social commentary, or the willful transformation of materials,” Saltz takes issue in New York‘s year-end recap with not just the Höller exhibition, but all shows that turn museums as playgrounds (semi-surprisingly he includes Marina Abramovic‘s controversial LAMOCA fundraiser in this camp). But like we said at the opening, it appears that the critic’s camp is less full than those embracing it. NewYorkology was the first to break the story that, due to overall demand to see the Höller exhibition, the New Museum is hiking up its entry fee from $12 to $16, to help cover the cost of the extra staff they need to run it (which makes sense once you see that 102-foot slide). However, worry not, people who only have $12 to their name: the New Museum tells the site that the new rate “is most likely not a permanent increase.”