Sacré Bleu! Jerry Lewis Is Making a New Movie

This week in Las Vegas, there is another prominent intersection to be considered besides those massive ones on The Strip: that of grizzled showbiz old-timers Robin Leach and Jerry Lewis.

In his latest Las Vegas Weekly “Luxe Life” item, the fantabulous former host of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous exclusively reveals that Lewis will begin, Dec. 1st, filming his first leading role in 25 years. The shoot will run for 40 days in both Vegas and LA.

Entitled Max Rose, the comedy-drama casts Lewis as a widower combing back through his marriage and family life. Writes Leach:

I’m told that interest in the project directed by Daniel Noah from his own script is so high in France that a group of key French movie and entertainment journalists will fly here to visit the set. Jerry has said previously: “We’re going to show an old man who is driven by love and optimism and by his love for his young daughter.”

A group of French journalists, coming to Sin City to worship at the shrine of the penultimate Legion of Honor medalist? It’s almost as surreal a juxtaposition as the sight of a half-scale replica of the Eiffel Tower in the middle of the Nevada desert.

H/T: Scott Marks