Wheel Creative: Jeremy Scott Customizes Smart Car with Glowing Wings

Some 40 new vehicles will debut at the LA Auto Show, which kicks off tomorrow at the city’s convention center, but only one has transparent fiberglass wings studded with red lights. (Hint: it’s not the Ford Fiesta.) The car in question is a wee whimsymobile customized by Jeremy Scott for Daimler-Benz-owned Smart. The fashion designer added some of his signature touches to Smart’s new Fortwo Electric Drive, which will arrive in showrooms this spring for a starting price of $25,000–making it the lowest priced all-electric car in North America.

In addition to those wings-cum-tailights, Scott selected white nappa leather for the instrument panel, seats, and door trim, and added “eyebrows” above the headlights. The show car will tour fashion weeks worldwide before its limited-edition launch next year. Meanwhile, we’d like to see Scott hop in his “smart forjeremy” (the brand continues to embrace cutesy lowercase nonsensespacing) and drag race Isaac Mizrahi, at the wheel of the Chevy he keeps raving about. Spoiler alert: Mizrahi would crush him, as the electric Smart’s top speed is just 78 mph.