Jeffrey Weiss Departs Dia Art Foundation Directorship

(Jacquelyn Martin for AP).jpgJust over a year after the Dia Art Foundation announced its appointment of Jeffrey Weiss to succeed Michael Govan as its director comes the news that he has resigned. “It is with disappointment that I leave Dia,” said Weiss, the former curator and head of the Department of Modern and Contemporary Art at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., in a statement issued by Dia. “It has become clear to me that Dia’s most pressing needs will be best served by someone whose leadership is not primarily focused on curatorial and scholarly objectives, which have always been central to my ambitions.”

Given Weiss’s lack of experience in running a museum, “Some [in the art world] thought Dia and Mr. Weiss were a mismatch from the start,” notes Carol Vogel in The New York Times. Meanwhile, Dia will soon have to jump back into the increasingly challenging director search game (think Risk and Sorry! mixed with Guess Who?). In the wake of Govan’s departure in 2006, the foundation spent eight months searching for his replacement, just one month less than Weiss would go on to spend in the position.