Jeffrey Katzenberg Teases Revolutionary New Animation Technology

Today at the conference in Tuscon, DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg chatted on stage with website founder David Kirkpatrick. As the Hollywood studio’s four-year partnership with Intel draws to a close, the exec hinted there is some game-changing technology in the offing.

According to Katzenberg, even with all the improvements in digital rendering, an animated feature technician is still limited to producing about three seconds of footage per week. But perhaps not for much longer. Per CNET’s Paul Sloan:

Katzenberg spoke enthusiastically about how the technology DreamWorks and Intel are developing will increase productivity and quality in Hollywood and elsewhere. “The implications of this are absolutely revolutionary,” he said, arguing that any business that uses high-end rendering–whether it’s an oil rig builder or aircraft designer–should be able to take advantage of what DreamWorks and Intel are spearheading.

The technology savvy Hollywood went on to suggest that Dreamworks’ animated movie production process could eventually be sped up between 50 and 70 times. If this all works out the way Katzenberg promises, the rest of Tinseltown may soon be lining up for license agreements.