Former CNBC Reporter Mines Mercantile Exchange Days for Debut Novel

DangerousTradesCoverIt’s been a while since Jeff Leshay earned his living as a journalist. But the newsroom and field notes he took in the 1990s, prior to easing into PR, proved invaluable for the writing of his first novel.

From an interview feature by Sun-Times Media columnist Jackie Pilossoph:

“I think it makes sense — write about what you know, as the saying goes,” said Alec Sirken, who worked with Leshay at CNBC and is now a producer for CBS News in New York. “Jeff certainly knows about the oil industry. He’d always talk about the characters he met who worked in the industry, so it’s not surprising that he remembered some of the tales and embellished them in a novel.”

Dangerous Trades is the story of a business reporter who is unwittingly drawn into a fraud scheme in the oil markets and has to return to his passion for investigative reporting to absolve himself of guilt, to save his career and possibly his life.

Leshay is also the author of a 1993 how-to, How to Launch Your Career in TV News. Since 2011, he has been running his own PR firm in Wilmette, Illinois, Leshay Communications. Leshay also worked during the media phase of his career for AP, Fox News and local ABC-NBC stations.

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