Jeff Daniels Sings the Terms of Endearment Blues

Or, more precisely,”Allen Parkway Inn.” Per Stephen Holden’s review in the New York Times of the actor’s recent musical run at 54 Below, the song highlights the class system that unfolds on most big Hollywood movie sets:

The song describes with barbed good humor Daniels’ humiliation at being put up in a dingy motel while filming Terms of Endearment, while those higher on the marquee received comparatively royal treatment.

Amazon is, presently, temporarily out of stock of the CD from which that song came, Live at the Purple Rose. That’s a good thing; it suggests that in-between seasons, Newsroom fans are turning to Will McAvoy‘s very tuneful night job.

The Allen Parkway Inn is in Houston. On the Daniels tour dates calendar, no sign at this time of a show within any sort of geographical proximity of said song inspiration. Meanwhile, another review of Daniels’ January 2-4 stint at the Broadway supper club has the best logline. Writes Theatermania’s David Gordon:

Until you’ve watched Daniels strum a guitar and make a roomful of people sing about not wearing pants, you don’t know the real Daniels…