Jeff Bezos, Charlie Rose & a $139 Kindle: eBookNewser Live Blog


After cutting controversial deals and fighting eReader price wars all month, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos talked with Charlie Rose on PBS last night–announcing a new set of Kindle eReaders. Read more about the brand new devices here.

We stayed up late live-blogging the Amazon CEO interview. Next time, we may have to play The eBook Drinking Game. Our commentary follows below…

Preorders are already open for the $139 Kindle at Amazon now.

11:03: Charlie Rose is discussing immigration law with two journalists. No Kindle in sight. In teaser clip, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos talked about color screens and tablet computers: “You think Hemingway is going to pop more on a color screen?”

11:07: On Twitter, Cybel Martin writes: “Gonna watch Jeff Bezos on #CharlieRose — I find the way he thinks fascinating. He’s like the Tortoise (vs Hare).”

11:10: TechCrunch analyzes Bezos’ Hemingway comments.

11:14 Waaaay back in June, Seth Godin told Bezos to sell a $49 Kindle. They are getting much closer…

11:16: You can now pre-order the $139 Kindle. What do you think?

11:20: Bezos: #1 thing people are doing on iPad right now is playing . #1 thing people are doing on Kindle is reading books.

11:23: Bezos: $139–some people spend more than that on sunglasses!

11:25: Before the end of this year, there will be many tablet computers. We don’t see

11:29: Bezos: We wanted to imitate the book’s elegant ability to get out of the way. No eyestrain. Color–I’ve seen it, it’s still not ready for prime time. We’re not trying to create the experience, we want the author to create the experience.

11:30: We are secretive about the [Kindle sales] numbers because we think it is competitively useful. Other people are planning it’s a helpful data point for them. We say millions, it’s not helpful to them.

11:33: Jackie Kessler writes: “Completely useful, unless you want to know WHAT YOUR SALES NUMBERS ARE. Sheesh.”

11:35: USA Today article making the rounds during Bezos interview: “Volume of Kindle book sales stuns Amazon’s Jeff Bezos

11:39 Bezos talking about Amazon.toast article–everybody thought Barnes & Noble would beat them online.

11:41: Bezos: eBooks is going to be a huge industry. There will be many winners.


11:44 Publishing journalist Sarah Weinman is still awake: “Favorite part of @ebooknewser liveblogging Bezos on Charlie Rose: 11:42 STILL NO MENTION OF WYLIE/AMAZON DEAL!!!!”

11:51: Bezos hypothesized about poverty for awhile and now he’s talking about social networking.

11:54: Bezos: We’re moving into a world where the truth is more on the surface.

11:55: Show wraps. No mention of Wylie deals and very little attention focused on eBook pricing.

11:57: As we reflect on an evening spent writing about the $139 Kindle, we have to wonder–why does Amazon always do this at night? Can’t we share Kindle news within the confines of a 9-6 workday?

Thanks to everybody who stayed up late. See you tomorrow.