Jay-Z Says Tidal Is Fine, But No One Believes Him

Twitter is a harsh mistress.

In case you missed it, yesterday Jay-Z hit Twitter for the fourth time since January in order to defend TIDAL, his streaming music venture currently failing in the app store and inspiring clever headlines all over the place.

Mr. Carter argues that the project’s woes stem not from a poorly planned message or a bunch of competition in a crowded market but, rather, to a multi-million dollar “smear campaign” by the company’s rivals:

As you might expect, Twitter responded to #TidalFacts by having a bit of fun:

This wasn’t just an effort to poke fun at Mr. Carter; as our contact Jeremy Pepper noted, many of his claims are less than 100 percent accurate. For example, Tidal had 580,000 subscribers before it even launched due to the fact that it was once called WiMP, a Europe-based Spotify competitor.

Of course Jay didn’t elaborate on the alleged “smear campaign,” and the fact that Tidal costs twice as much as Spotify has not been disputed by anyone.

The Daily Beast also noticed today that much of the “exclusive” content pushed to justify that cost is really just a series of celebrity mixes.

TIME also checked up on Jay’s “facts” this afternoon and gave him a mixed grade. The best part about this story, however, has been the inevitable parody account:

Carter may have the backing of some pop superstars, but today everyone’s making fun of him.

A source contacted our sister site AgencySpy today to claim that Tidal has been reviewing pitches from New York advertising agencies to promote its product a la Beats by Dre…but that was almost certainly a cruel joke.