Jay Mariotti to Chi Trib, Also Kind of a Liar

jaymariotti091208.jpgRemember a couple weeks ago when Chicago Sun-Times columnist Jay Mariotti resigned, saying that his future “sadly is not in newspapers?”

Well, that was a lie.

Deadspin’s reporting that the outspoken sports columnist — who has not one, but two Web sites devoted to bringing him down — will join the Chicago Tribune soon. He’ll start by writing columns on the Internet until Sam Zell’s lawyers can figure out a way around his non-compete clause.

Some choice Mariotti quotes, and bonus appearance from Robert Ebert after the jump.

Mariotti said that journalism had become “entirely a Web site business.” He also opined that, “I’m a competitor and I get the sense this marketplace doesn’t compete. Everyone is hanging on for dear life at both papers. I think probably the days of high-stakes competition in Chicago are over. To see what has happened in this business… I don’t want to go down with it.”

After his resignation, the Sun-Times ran an article about Mariottie written by Ebert under the headline, “Jay The RAT.” Among other things, the film critic lambasted his former co-worker for resigning only after a free trip to China.

Former colleague Neil Steinberg on Mariotti: “We do not hate him — at least we struggle not to. I have helped friends work through their intense feelings of deep visceral dislike of Jay, assuring them that it puts them at his level, and is also unnecessary. ‘The man is his own worst punishment,’ I always say.”