Jared Paul Stern’s Memoir Proposal: Expensed Brazilian Brothels, Heroin Delivery — No Burkle?


Gawker has snagged a copy of Jared Paul Stern‘s book proposal. In it, the one-time Gawker guest editor promises to name names:

  • Which New York gossip columnist frequented Hoboken bars in full drag and barely escaped being exposed on Page Six…
  • Which other gossip columnist had heroin delivered to the New York Post’s midtown office building…
  • And which very well-known columnist’s junket to Brazil included an all-expenses-paid visit to a local brothel……….???
  • We like Chapter 5:

    Everything the gossip columnist does is a transaction of one sort or another. The stories we couldn’t run and why. How an owner’s/newspaper’s politics affects even the gossip pages. How to decode a Page Six item. […]

    Sounds like Tabloid Wars in print. One critique, if we could be so bold: Where’s the chapter, no, chapters on Ron Burkle?

    Exclusive: Jared Paul Stern’s Book Proposal, Ghostwritten by Sammy “the Bull” Gravano [Gawker]

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