Jared Paul Stern to Daily News: Print This

Our normal Friday morning routine: Let the dog out — check. Grapefruit juice and Grape Nuts — the White Stripes of breakfasts — check, check. Scan the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Post, Daily News, Sportscenter in the background — check, check, check, check, check.

Post a scathing response from Jared Paul Stern to Daily News staff writer William Sherman, who was apparently looking for a quote for a story running today.


From: JaredPaulStern

To: WSherman

Date: May 18, 2006 6:14 PM

Subject: Daily News story tomorrow

Sure. You can quote me on the following. And if you don’t print this you’re not only a stooge but a pussy:

“The Daily News is a piece of sh*t.”

“Ron Burkle should crawl back down his diamond-paved hole. His lies are gonna come back and bite his bloated billionaire ass hard.”

Make sure you get the italics.


Sherman, of course, “broke” the Page Six-JPS-Ron Burkle saga in the News. That could explain the rather, uh, aggressive tone.

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