Observer Checks In with Disgraced Page Six Reporter

All these years later, Jared Paul Stern maintains that this clothing venture was at the heart of his discussions with Ron Burkle about money. Not some sort of scandalous payola to ensure that the billionaire would receive favorable Page Six coverage.

UrbanDaddyDrivenLogoToday, Stern is the editor of Urban Daddy’s auto blog Driven. He also freelances. If one goes by Observer contributor Ben Widdicombe’s Kennebunkport impressions, the former Post writer’s demeanor does not quite sync up with the bravado:

Today, Stern, 43, describes his life as being at “a new pinnacle.” He has toned down the film noir wardrobe and attitude – no more fedoras – but maintains a flair for haberdashery.

Still trim and with a porcelain complexion, Stern seems grayer (although he did not remove his hat during the two days I spent with him) and more wary — in a slightly wounded way — than he was in his gossip heyday. His darting brown eyes retain the facile (some might say shifty) glance that I remember.

He is warm, to a point. His manner suggests a man who has had something big taken away from him, for reasons he still doesn’t understand.

And there remains, at the Post, some very hostile feelings about what Stern pulled. Read the full Observer article here.