Jann Wenner Withdraws Support for Biography

Jann Wenner, the founder of Rolling Stone, has reportedly changed his mind about a biography that was being written by Rich Cohen. According to The New York Post, Cohen had Wenner’s approval and had even verbally agreed to a seven figure deal to write the book, when suddenly Wenner withdrew his interest:

Jennifer Rudolph Walsh, Cohen’s agent and co-head of the William Morris Agency’s Worldwide Literary Department, said, ‘Jann had come to Rich asking him to do it. After it got snapped up, Wenner had a change of heart.’ She said she was not sure why Wenner dropped the project but she said Cohen is not pursuing it independently.

This isn’t the first time Wenner has had a change of heart about a biography. In 2004 he gave his blessing to a writer named Lewis MacAdams, then allegedly pulled his support for the project when he found out that MacAdams was talking to people who Wenner had battled with.

Obviously Wenner has commitment issues. Can you imagine being behind him at a bodega? “I would like a Twix. Here is my money – no! I want a Snickers. Yes, they ‘satisfy.’ So, here is the money and thank – no!”

And on and on.

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