Jann Wenner: Rick Stengel’s ”Got A Very, Very Tough Road Ahead”


Business Week’s Jon Fine interviews Jann Wenner about everything from the profitability of Wenner Media (”just three magazines … with revenue around $375 million”) to his family-owned media company’s focus on the internet. During the course of the candid interview, Wenner asks the question: What does Time magazine stand for on the Internet? He answers himself saying that the online version of Time is essentially the same as the internet version. From Business Week:

”BW: Do you still read it?

”JW: No. Rick Stengel is a good editor. I’ve seen some covers and they’re smart. I have read some pieces. They are trying hard and Rick Stengel’s a smart guy. But he’s got a very, very tough road ahead, and the road ahead is not the Internet.”