Jane Pratt Plans New Magazine and Website with 14-Year-Old Blogger Tavi Gevinson

Everyone remembers Sassy, right?

If you don’t, we’ll refresh your memory. Sassy is sort of like the magazine version of the show My So-Called Life, a short-running favorite amongst a certain type of disaffected 1990s female teenager that’s popularity and subsequent near legendary status has only grown because of its limited run. The fact that it was around for such a brief period has actually made it easier for people to lament how good things were in the days of Sassy.

Case in point, 14-year old prodigy fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson of the fashion blog Style Rookie wrote a post on her blog 11 months ago declaring that “I, like many, would like another Sassy magazine.” Jezebel pointed out the obvious: “Tavi was born in 1997; Sassy ceased publication in 1995.”

But it seems like Gevinson’s wish was granted; WWD reports that after that post, she received an email from the former Sassy and Jane editor-in-chief, Jane Pratt, about collaborating on a teen Web site and magazine under Pratt’s umbrella brand, JanePratt.com.

Pratt, who was editor of Sassy when she was just 24, has had a checkered career, what with launching and losing two magazines and two TV shows. Many are skeptical as to whether she is still enough of a brand name to host a teen site and magazine under the label JanePratt.com. On the other hand, it seems unlikely that the abundance of lingering goodwill from the days of Sassy will dry up anytime soon.