Daily Caller Tip Sheet Lumps Ginni Thomas With Other Conservative ‘Clowns’

This is uncomfortable.

Ginni Thomas, a contributor at The Daily Caller, was grouped with other conservative “clowns” yesterday in a daily morning tip sheet written by The DC Senior Editor Jamie Weinstein.

The item by Weinstein linked to a story by his colleague Will Rahn involving a letter drafted by several movement conservatives defending the conservative Media Research Center’s Brent Bozell. Republican consultant Jonathan Collegio reportedly referred to Bozell as a “hater” on a local D.C. radio program this week. To that, other conservatives along with radio host Mark Levin and Thomas drafted a letter calling for Collegio to be fired from his job at the American Crossroads Super PAC.

Weinstein called it “a clown letter that embarrasses clowns.” More from his tip sheet…

That 25 influential conservative leaders signed on to such a clown letter provides the best evidence yet that some of the movement’s leaders are painfully out of touch with America, if not reality.

Asked if Thomas had taken exception with being called a clown, The DC‘s communications director Nicole Roeberg said she hadn’t heard anything. “We love Ginni, of course,” she said. “Jamie was just having some fun with the letter, as he does every morning with our stories.”

Weinstein sent a separate response. “What I wrote was the letter was clownish. And it was,” he said. “It was comically self-serious. Some of the people who signed it I know and like personally. I don’t know if some of those who signed the letter actually read it or just ignored the text to stand in solidarity with a friend, but the letter itself read like a Saturday Night Live skit.”

Update: The DC crew continues to weigh in. The latest comes from CEO Neil Patel, who seems to think I’m fit for the adult entertainment industry. He writes: “Is Eddie Scary [sic] your real name? Has a porn ring to it.  The Daily Caller has people with all sorts of views on staff.  Unlike most boring Washington outfits, we want it that way. Readers like it. They all love each other though. Except Alex Pappas. No one likes him.”