James S. Brady Briefing Room Artifacts

So, we learn from this article that “at least three organizations have expressed an interest in the press briefing room items, which are being removed today and put in storage by the U.S. General Services Administration.”

The Newseum and the White House are interested in such things as the podium, the chairs, the carpet, etc., etc.

Here’s what we’d be interested in taking away:

  • Mike Allen’s tape recorder. (D.O.B.: 1979)

  • Julie Mason’s lipstick.

  • Lester Kinsolving’s imagination.

      Q Presuming that the President is grateful that Oprah Winfrey is giving $100,000 rewards for assisting in the capture of child molesters, could you tell us whether the White House has seen any evidence of support for Oprah’s action from the nation’s many homosexual organizations, or has there been silence or opposition?

      MR. McCLELLAN: All right, next question. I’m not going to dignify that. Go ahead, Mark.

  • Raghubir Goyal’s pinchable cheeks. And his adorable questions:

      Q This is the first time, Tony, I have seen so many and all the great press secretaries in this room, one time together.

  • Connie Lawn’s skis.

  • Richard Wolfe’s tapas.

  • David Gregory’s bark (Oh right: It’s gone missing)

    What James S. Brady Briefing Room artifacts would you like to take with you?