James Franco’s Next Performance Art Steps

Following up on our story from early last month, actor-turned-performance artist, James Franco, has revealed to New York‘s Vulture some of his next artistic steps. They, of course, continue to revolve around General Hospital, on which Franco has been appearing, all under the banner of “performance art,” or so sad his op-ed in the Wall Street Journal. Here’s a bit of Stage 2 of whatever this devious art-ness turns out to be:

Though his story arc ends later this month, Franco tells us that this spring he’ll participate in a gallery show at New York’s Deitch Projects that will be shot for a subsequent “special episode” of GH. (This episode will be co-directed by Franco himself.) The Deitch exhibition will relate “to what I’ve already shot on GH,” Franco says. (A spokesperson for the gallery says plans for the exhibition and filming are not yet finalized.)

Also some good details therein about Franco popping up with various artists and at places like Art Basel, trying to get himself further ingrained within the black turtleneck and matching beret scene.