Jacqui Salmon to Cover Religion

From the Post:

    Metro is happy to announce that Jacqui Salmon, who has been covering philanthropy, will change assignments to become a second regional religion reporter together with Michelle Boorstein. We are making this change to restore a second Metro religion reporter, lost when Caryle Murphy took early retirement. The move reflects the importance of religion to our readers and to contemporary social, cultural and political life. Jacqui remains based in Fairfax, but will report now to the District desk’s Joe Davidson, who oversees religion coverage, including the Saturday Religion Page.

    In nearly two decades at The Post, Jacqui has established herself as an enterprising reporter who thinks broadly and breaks news. She has reported and edited on the Business staff, and covered suburban family life on Metro before taking over the philanthropy beat. She is co-author of three books on child development and parenting, and was ghostwriter for a book on Ronald Reagan by the Gipper’s former aide Jim Kuhn.