Jacob Soboroff’s Walk in the Park Pays Off in California Gold: Huell Howser


Youthful Jacob Soboroff, in an innocent outing that he says was to try out his new camera, ended up meeting local TV icon, Huell Howser. When we playfully accused him of stalking the hunky Howser, Soboroff gave us the scoop:

“No stalking, but when I noticed it was him I was pretty pumped. He called out to me “who are you?” and I responded that I was a wannabe Huell just testing out my camera. He called over his camera man and waved me over, and that’s when I started walking towards him.

He was very low key and was cool with me following him around for the rest of his interview.

I’ve gotten lots of great e-mail, including some from Huell’s production company. They asked me to drop off the HD version with them (which I did) so that they could try and edit it into the show! Also, it turns out my video was in the top 100 on YouTube yesterday for News & Blogs. Guess there is a big appetite for Huell out there.”

Howard Owens would certainly like to see more. As is our girlish wont, we think Jake and Huell are dreamy.