Florida Alt-Weekly Celebrates 28 Years

Tricia Booker revisits her experiences at Jacksonville's Folio Weekly.

FolioApril1997IssueAs print journalism has shook, shimmied and rolled, it’s safe to say Tricia Booker has made a career progression that affords her a uniquely powerful venting mechanism. The one-time staffer at Jacksonville, Fla. alternative newspaper Folio Weekly is today a boxing instructor. Based in Ponte Vedra, she also teaches writing and cares with her husband for their three teenage children.

In this week’s 28th anniversary issue, Booker revisits the pair’s Folio Weekly glory days, which started in the mid-1990s. Her piece kicks off with a Hunter S. Thompson quote and some fabulous NYPD Blue scene setting, before moving on to thoughts about each member of the small editorial team:

John Citrone had originally applied to be a news writer, but in the arts and entertainment world, he found his niche. As the city’s arts scene emerged from obscurity, John worked to keep new artists rising and cultural events relevant.

In a hilarious, telling exchange between John and Fred Durst, leader of the manically popular band Limp Bizkit, Durst threatened Citrone for referring to Limp Bizkit in a Best of Jax issue as the “best example of Southern Culture on the skids.” Later, when the two met to confront the issue, Durst tearfully confessed that he wished he could really sing so he wouldn’t have to rap. “You’re all right,” he finally told Citrone. “I want you to write my autobiography.”

We thank Booker for a Fred Durst anecdote that has nothing to do with Robert. And urge you to read the full article. Like a balmy Florida summer breeze, the piece conjures up a warmer time in print journalism. One that the pace of the Web and the ubiquity of Smartphones have today almost completely eradicated.