Jack Mocks Wolf — In Person

Today on his way back from Dubai, Wolf Blitzer got to meet crotchety ole Jack Cafferty for the first time–a meeting that led to the normal amusing and awkward ad-libbing:

WOLF BLITZER: We’re in New York City and Jack Cafferty is in New York City. Jack, good to be with you. A lot of our viewers probably are going to be surprised to learn this is the first time the two of us have actually met.

JACK CAFFERTY: I know, six months ago we started ago the Situation Room. It’s a pleasure to have you in New York City.

BLITZER: You’re much taller in person.

CAFFERTY: I’m actually the same size, whether I’m there or on T.V., but appear — you only see from here up.

BLITZER: I know, but you’re very tall.

CAFFERTY: Well, it’s six something, two, three.

BLITZER: You’re taller than I am.

CAFFERTY: Well, everybody’s taller than you are. You’re not very tall.