Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Asks Users How to Improve the Company in 2017

AirBnb's CEO sent a similar tweet last week

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Jack Dorsey (aka @Jack) seems to have been inspired by how another major tech exec used his platform to solicit customer feedback.

Twitter's CEO is taking to the platform he co-founded to ask users what kinds of updates they'd like to see in 2017. This afternoon, Dorsey asked his followers for their advice on how he should improve the company. Last week, AirBnb CEO Brian Chesky made headlines when he began interacting with Twitter users to get their feedback about what they'd like to see added to the service in the coming year.

Dorsey, who returned as CEO about a year ago, has faced criticism from Wall Street over its slow user growth. And while he's no stranger to sharing his thoughts 140 characters at a time, he's not always as visible as some tech execs—i.e. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg—to face the public in some form or fashion. (Dorsey also tweeted his followers asking for ideas for Square, the other company where he serves as CEO.)

Along with asking for feedback, Dorsey is following up with questions and comments about some of the suggestions he's received. Here's a sampling of what changes users are asking for:

1. Editing tweets

2. Getting rid of alt-right trolls

3. Adding ways to follow threads 

4. Creating a way to bookmark tweets

5. Highlighting interesting conversations

6. Improving targeted advertising


@martyswant Marty Swant is a former technology staff writer for Adweek.