iVillage Taps Joe Lagani for Top Ad Sales Post

iVillage has snagged the top sales executive from rival Glam Media.

Joe Lagani raised many eyebrows and rattled a few nerves in the print world when he joined the fast-growing Glam in 2007 to become head of clients sales. Two years later, he’s set to take on a newly created position as iVillage’s senior vp of ad sales for iVillage starting this October.

Landing Lagani is something of a victory for iVillage, particularly considering that Glam executives have been trumpeting the company’s meteoric traffic rise in recent years at iVillage’s expense—even as many iVillage execs complained privately that comparisons between a single site and an ad network of hundreds of sites were unfair. Plus, last year Glam was able to poach former iVillage head of sales Matthew Schulte.

At iVillage, Lagani will oversee all display and content integration deals. He’ll report directly to Peter Naylor, senior vp, NBC Universal Digital Ad Sales. His arrival comes just as iVillage embarks on a major redesign.
“There is incredible momentum behind iVillage right now, and the fact that we are attracting top talent like Joe speaks volumes about the excitement behind our relaunch and new business strategy,” said iVillage executive vp Jodi Kahn.