ITV’s Prostitute Problem


When UK television network ITV ran a Dateline-style expose on prostitution and human traficking in Eastern Europe, reporter Chris Rogers described how he purchased a 14-year-old girl from a sex slave trader/pimp in the Romanian city of Iasi. After Rogers bought her, he took her to a women’s shelter and got her medical attention.

Then the Iasi police made a press statement claiming the 14-year-old was 25 and had been, in fact, kidnapped by Rogers. By all indications, it looks like ITV is stuck in the crossfire between anti-human trafficing NGOs and the Romanian government’s desire to whitewash the country’s problems:

An article in Romania Libera on February 8 said Rogers was “the victim yet again of the Romanian government and police who refuse to accept his claims in the face of criticism”.

“Instead they accuse him of being paid by adoption campaigners to make false films to encourage adoptions to be allowed – as well as [reporting about] trafficking they fail to point out that Rogers has also reported on the many children who have disappeared from Romania, some only three years old,” Romania Libera reported.

In a strange twist, the teenage girl at the center of the city has disappeared. The girl, who shelter operators Reaching Out believes was around 15, claimed she wanted to leave and work as a baby sitter — and is now untraceable.