iTunes 9 App Manager Will Finally Bring Some Order to my iPhone!


Finding an app prior to iPhone OS 3.0 was an exercise in frustration. Rearranging large numbers of apps on multiple screens went beyond frustration and was probably the cause of many many muttered expletives. OS 3.0’s search feature helped reduce this frustration a lot by letting iPhone users simply search for apps by typing their names in a search box. But, this still wasn’t optimal. And, my multiple app windows were still a mess.

iPhone OS 3.1 and iTunes 9, however, may solve this problem. You can see the new iTunes 9 app manager in the screenshot above. It provides small thumbnails of every app screen in the right sidebar. The screen in focus (screen #2 on my iPod in the case here) is shown to the left of that. The list of synced applications is on the left and looks somewhat easier to read than the old view. I already noted apps that I need to remove from my iPod touch.

I’m hoping to carve out some time this weekend to clean up the extremely messy application screens on my iPod touch and iPhone 3G.