It’s That Darn Internet Again’s Swampland ran a piece by Michael Scherer about the changes in the providing and consuming of news.

Here is a basic shift that has occurred in the news business: Because of the Internet, you, the reader, no longer have to buy information in pre-fabricated packages like “newspapers.” You can just go online and individually select the articles you want to read. And there are lots of websites and blogs to help you out.

Put down your google and stop looking. There’s really nothing out there better than FBLA.


Anyway, in a story about the evolution of the news business, what is really notable about this piece is that author, Michael Scherer actually engages readers and critics in the comment section. He writes:

benfranklin. I agree. another sad effect of the internets. nitwits like me get to publish without an editor. but thanks for pointing out my typo. i have since added the missing word.

That’s the future for journalists – sitting in your jammies at 2am reading what some geek in Spokane thinks of your placement of a semicolon.

That’ll get some emails.